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Naturally reduce stress and stimulate your reproductive system

Relax and let your stress melt away… our Fertility Bath Salts are made from combination of genuine Epsom Salts and Dead Sea Salts infused with fertility-enhancing essential oils designed to reduce stress and stimulate your reproductive system.

Did you know…? Proper stress management is actually correlated with higher conception rates? This is due to the fact that sustained exposure to cortisol – the hormone released during stressful situations can actually disrupt your hormonal balance.

A leisurely soak with Fertile-Bath Salts for Women is the ideal antidote to the harmful effects of stress. Simply sprinkle a handful (roughly 4 heaping tablespoons) of fertility bath salts into the tub, add warm water, and relax. Rejuvenate your mental, emotional, and physical well-being while contributing to your reproductive health. Fertile-Bath Salts is a 100g in a bottle, sufficient for around 8-10 relaxing baths.

Fertility Bath Salts Ingredients

Epsom Salts & Dead Sea Salts: The beneficial effects of bathing in Salts (with their unique therapeutic and beautifying powers) have been recognized since ancient times.

Blended Essential Oils ( Geranium, Yarrow, Calendula, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang & Rose)

This product is organic; it contains no artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

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